Be My Dance

BE MY DANCE Is an illusion factory dedicated to the creation and production of performances. We put all our imagination to give life and movement to each moment of a special occasion. Under this concept, we make events more special, tell stories with dance steps, decorate spaces with mythic characters in stilts, fire or just body language.

BMD breaks with tradition to give space to original ideas. It was created to send messages for which words cannot, creating a dialogue in which artists from different disciplines are the voice. Creativity is the main component that enriches and nourishes the work of this dream factory.

A team of professionals enrich with their contributions each creative design of Be My Dance.



carlosbajoCarlos Álvarez
Wedding Events Manager

I always felt passion for dancing and everything that could be expressed with it. When I finished my studies in Finance and International Commerce. Following my graduation, I started working to gain experience. On the way I found different life experiences that define me: I work as an Event Organizer, I have experience as Art Manager and Social Networker, but my passion is dancing. My own wedding gave me the opportunity to free my imagination. I confirmed what I always believed in: There is a sea of beauty in what is expressed with love, without words. .


Nayan Jaimesnayanbaja

Event Manager

Curious and restless by nature. I grew up surrounded by music and dance. The flame of art warms my life. My studies as a dancer started with Colombian and Caribbean folklore studies, and Latin rhythms. In Barcelona I studied African dance, Flamenco and modern dance. Professional social communicator. I worked in TV and radio, in companies communication, festivals, artists and events. I look for cultural management in the need of spreading and promoting the work and creations of the other artists in the city of Barcelona. A magic spot full of art. I believe that our imagination has no limits, and that with discipline, order and commitment, one can accomplish any dream an develop any idea. I also believe that performances have to be taken out of the theatres, out of the halls, to bring them into each possible corner.

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